School materials for children in areas of need

Held annually in March, the 2016 edition of Panda Raid, a long-distance amateur rally from Madrid to Morocco, has just finished. The rally has two main purposes: one is for a charity supported by BioMar and the other is about adventure.

The charity part of the rally aims to contribute to school development in Southern Morocco. This school development project is organised by the Asociación de Camino al Sur. Each team participating in the rally, in which over 200 cars were involved, had to donate 20 kilos of school materials in a completely transparent action. In other words, each participating team was responsible for procuring the materials, transporting them in their cars and donating them to a local school.

"Participating in the rally was a great adventure and personal experience", explains Pedro Bueno Rodríguez, Production Director at BioMar's factory in Dueñas, Spain.

Pedro completed the rally - a total of 5,000 kilometres in just nine days - with his friend Juan Manuel. Pedro adds: "It has also been a nice piece of charity work in which I have been able to contribute my bit to such an important project. I have brought a lot of excitement to these children, who live under poor conditions in some villages of the areas where we travelled, and being able to help is very important to me."

BioMar has also contributed by providing school materials – pencils, pens, notepads, paper, shoes, sports boots, backpacks, cases, toys etc. – to children of the Asociación de Camino al Sur. Pedro's car alone carried around 150 kilos of materials.

François Loubère, General Manager of BioMar West Med, sums up the contribution made here by BioMar: "For BioMar, it is important to support such an initiative. It is part of our social responsibility to ensure that children in areas of need have access to school materials to obtain basic education."