Updated INICIO Plus formula - Taking care of the young ones

INICIO Plus, the favourite starter feed of fish farmers, has been updated in accordance with the most recent research findings. This makes BioMar’s INICIO Plus even better for covering all nutritional needs of freshwater fry and for providing the best health condition to farmed fish during their early life stages.

With the recent update, BioMar’s INICIO Plus starter feed formula for freshwater species offers a multi-faceted range of benefits. The new INICIO Plus targets further improved robustness, resistant and good performing fry and has shown to contribute to a better resilience against Rainbow trout fry syndrome (RFTS) caused by the bacteria Flavobacterium psychrophilum and Enteric red mouth disease (ERM) caused by the bacteria Yersinia ruckeri.


General benefits deliver excellent farming results

For many years, INICIO Plus has been the favourite starter feed of fish famers due to the excellent results obtained. Throughout the years, constant research and updates made on the INICIO Plus formula have secured outstanding benefits to the farmers, including optimal fish robustness, survival and deformity levels. These benefits were enabled by a unique feed formula containing, among others, a balanced enrichment from vitamins, phospholipids and the probiotic Bactocell® that contributes to an improved absorption of nutrients and minerals and reduces deformities across fish species.


A wise combination of novelties

The updated formula of INICIO Plus introduces several novel ingredients. One of these ingredients is the multi-strains yeast fraction B-WYSETM that provides enhanced immunomodulating and binding activities toward undesirable bacteria, along with mucus boosting effects. The combination of Bactocell® and B-WYSE™ contributes to improving the health status and performance parameters of the fry, providing even better survival rates.

Moreover, the new formula contains special gut modulating ingredients to ensure that the microbiota composition is optimal and that colonisation of the intestine by unwanted pathogenic bacteria is reduced. Last but not least, its increased content of antioxidant vitamins helps neutralising free radicals in the fish that destroy cell membranes and make cells vulnerable to decay and pathogens.

INICIO Plus is being produced in BioMar’s plant in Denmark, on a state-of-the-art production line that is dedicated for starter feeds, inaugurated in 2020. Anders Brandt-Clausen, Managing Director of BioMar Denmark, explains:


“This recent update in the formulation of INICIO Plus, combined with the improved physical quality due to our newly built production line, ensures that our fry feed products become even better, in quality and performance. It will enable us to push and move our market leading series of fry feeds, INICIO Plus, to a new level.”