Modern Slavery Act Statement

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BioMar Group develops, produces and delivers high quality feed to the aquaculture industry. Through cutting edge knowledge and long lasting partnerships with our stakeholders, we strive to develop and deliver truly efficient, sustainable and healthy feed solutions.

BioMar’s purpose is rooted in our heritage and our commitment to aquaculture. We are dedicated to innovating aquaculture through commitment to four long-term guiding principles to support our purpose: Innovation, Cooperation, Sustainability and Performance, and globally we share core values around respect, courage, innovation, execution and openness. These beliefs are at the heart of the business and as such BioMar Group takes this forward by working against Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking.

In BioMar, we take responsibility for our value chain as described in our Code of Conduct and in our yearly Global Sustainability Report. We are dedicated to follow the international standards related to human rights as well the standards related to social and labour conduct. This includes the principles from ILO, OECD and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Our pledge applies internally as well as in our cooperation upstream in the value chain.

Continued Commitment

Our commitment is reinforced by our management systems and through our global supplier auditing program (SAAT). The supplier program is delivered in line with risk assessment and due diligence to ensure we only have suppliers working with us that adhere to our Code of Conduct. Any sign of not following our company values is taken seriously and will result in the supplier being unable to supply BioMar Group in any form, if the issue is not resolved.

In 2017, we have completed a comprehensive assessment of risk related to human right in our value chain and we have used the outcome to improve internal processes as well as to strengthen our risk assessment of suppliers. We have furthermore reinforced our business ethics by deploying an extended Code of Conduct focusing on topics such as human rights, anti-corruption and business ethics.

We will continue to develop our approach to combating slavery and human trafficking. In our 2018 financial year, we intend to:

  • Continue our thorough assessment of the value chain related to our new business activities in high risk countries
  • Further develop the assessment of suppliers and support the supplier development


Carlos Diaz

CEO, BioMar Group

On behalf of BioMar Group, the CEO, Executive Committee and Global Functional Heads are responsible for ensuring the statement is up to date and accurately reflects the company’s actions and initiatives to tackle slavery and human trafficking. In our business units each Managing Director is responsible for working together with the management team and HR introducing policies and reviewing the processes by which they are adopted.

This statement is made pursuant to section 54 of the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015 and constitutes the slavery and human trafficking statement for BioMar Group. It applies to all the Group’s wholly owned portfolio companies and subsidiaries. The Group has commercial activities in the UK and an annual turnover of more than GBP 36m. The statement was approved by the BioMar Group Executive Committee on June 27th 2018 and will be reviewed annually.