Aquaculture feeds - smarter than ever

October 1 2018

At the High Energy Mariculture Conference 2018, 17-19 October, Corfu, BioMar will give a presentation on high performing fish feeds for Mediterranean species.

Commercial fish feeds, although lacking in know-how when compared with land animal feeds, have moved a long way during the last years.

Nowadays, aquaculture feed producer BioMar is developing flexible diets, adapted not only to fish requirement but also to the availability and cost of raw materials as related to the aquaculture industry’s performance targets.

At the High Energy Mariculture Conference 2018, Iannis Karacostas, product manager marine fish species, BioMar EMEA division, will present fish feed producer BioMar’s next feed generation for species farmed in the Mediterranean and explain about the developments that lead to these necessary innovations.

The main focus in the development of fish feeds is to use the required nutrients in the most sustainable way, providing the best in fish performance, health status and quality, without consuming more resources than needed.

In the early days of aquaculture production, fish feeds mainly consisted of fish meal and fish oil as these nutrient sources were not considered scarce, due to the fact that aquaculture production volume was limited.

- As years went by and fish farming increased in volume, it was obvious that feed producers had to move towards more sustainable solutions, making the most of the available raw materials of both vegetable and (land) animal origin, said Iannis Karacostas. - Next step in the development of aquaculture feeds was feed diversification according to the fish size and age, since fish requirements are changing during the development of the organism. Moving away from declarations focusing on crude protein and crude fat to focusing on available / digestible nutrient values - primarily protein / amino acids and energy -, was another breakthrough, minimizing nutrient losses and contributing towards improved utilization of the available resources.

- Our next aquaculture feed generation will be smarter than ever, said Iannis Karacostas.