BioMar fry feeds produced in Denmark now come in 25 kg bags

The new production line at our factory in Brande delivers impressive results. The technical quality of the pellets produced on the recently inaugurated fry feed production line at the Danish BioMar factory turn out to be extraordinary. We are very happy to see that our new production line produces very well-shaped pellets. 

In addition to that, due to the improved physical quality, pellets produced in the new line are more compact and have a density that allows for more space in packaging. This means that our fry feeds produced in Denmark, for many years delivered in 20kg bags, will from now on come in 25 kg bags.

This applies to INICIO Plus products available in 0,5 mm, 0,8 mm and 1,1 mm sizes. Other starter feeds (e.g. INICIO Plus G) produced in our sister companies in Europe will continue to be served in 20kg bags.